I’d like to work with you. Here are some facts about me…


Photo by Lise Metzger

  • I was raised by artists and trained by business people: Childhood by Fluxus, MBA by Georgetown University.
  • I’m not afraid of talking about death, money, or many other tough topics. I’m down to earth, sensitive, and I have a great sense of humor, so I can ease you into it, if these topics are on the table for us.
  • I connect people whenever I can.
  • I am busy, so I aim to be very efficient with your time, too.
  • I am a digital native who appreciates the Greatest Generation.

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Where I’ve been contributes to what I do now

  • 21 years married to a prominent regional artist. I supported his work and understood his business and creative process from all sides. After his death, learned tough lessons about legal matters and taxation.
  • 26 years as a computer nerd. Early adopter of online technology, high comfort level and facility with all common digital tools including photography and design, databases, and all forms of communication and community building.
  • 25 years in non profit marketing. I love working on teams, I’m pragmatic and flexible and I recognize what works.
  • 7 years, founder and administrator of online community. Subject matter expert on grief and loss, massive experience in social media outreach (especially blogging, Facebook, Twitter).
  • I don’t identify myself as an artist, but I have made things: I sold my first work at age 14 (a photo of a band you know) and that work is still reproduced: I’ve seen how 28 years can affect something you create. I “get” your history.

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