For Art Collectors

I enjoy supporting art collectors. With my network of professionals, I offer:

  • Professional, flexible collections management
  • Digital inventory configuration and support
  • Appraisal services
  • Strategy and estate planning

Let’s brainstorm about how I can help you manage your collection better, with more fun, in less time. Contact me today.

Georges Seurat painting, Evening, Honfleur 1886

Evening, Honfleur, Georges Seurat, 1886; Collection MoMa. Public domain.

More about my approach
Artists put a lot of passion into their creations. What a lot of people don’t realize is that collectors are often driven by the same forces. Collectors don’t just make financial commitments to the works they purchase, they also invest their lives and hearts. Treasured pieces are carried down through the generations, and what might seem to be a simple deaccession may be fraught with emotional importance.

A work of art that you enjoy daily becomes not only part of your environment, it can also can be an element in how you experience and process your life. The art I grew up with still recalls to me the memories of earlier times; seeing work by the same artists, in other collections, has a way of making me instantly feel back at home.

If you’ve put energy into collecting work, you might have found that “keeping track” of every detail is not the part that interests you. You may not have a handle on exactly what you own, especially if it’s in storage; you may not be sure what’s where. You might like to sell (or rehang!) something but not know what else you own.

Perhaps your collection is underinsured. (Most are!) Did you know you should update your valuations every 5 years? Especially with the market the way it is now. It’s not enough to save your receipts.

A collector needs to be able to find (easily!) information about what they own, where it is, the basis value, and the insurance and appraisal status of each piece in their collection — even for works that were gifts or bequests.

Tracking the works in your collection can be complicated — I’m the right geek to make it simple and get the work done. My flexible approach to inventories makes me the perfect partner for cataloging your collection. Whether you just want set-up and training or complete services, I can help you take care of your artwork. I work with Mac, PC, and web-based systems, using remote backups or Cloud-based solutions. If you’d like an app that works on your phone, we can do that. Together, we can find a secure and private system that meets your precise needs — often using an off-the-shelf product — and at a lower cost than you might expect.

Your collection is like no other — and it deserves great care. You don’t have cookie-cutter needs as a collector — but you do have financial responsibilities. An organized inventory will enhance not only the value of your collection but also bring you peace of mind.

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