For Artists

My mission is to help artists* come to peace with their life’s work. Among the services I offer are:

  • Configuration, training, and support for artist’s inventory systems (Mac, PC, or web-based, including backup systems) — so that you know what you have and a number of ways to value your life’s work.
  • Collaboration and support — to help you work with attorneys, appraisers, and other professionals.
  • Strategy, planning, and coaching — to resolve many difficult issues surrounding legacies, family, and finances.
  • Business summaries to guide your estate planning and help you choose the right person to manage your legacy — clear, concise project plans to make sure your wishes are implemented.

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*If you’re supporting the legacy of an artist who has passed, please read this section to learn how I can help.

More about my approach
The first task of an artist, is, of course, to create art. And each artwork you bring into the world carries a bunch of additional information with it: its measurements, how to care for it, how it should be installed, where it has been shown, the appropriate price, where it’s stored, and so on.

The artist, Mili Presman, working in her Paris studio at La Forge de Belleville. Photo: Olybrius via Wikimedia commons

Mili Presman working in her Paris studio at La Forge de Belleville, 2011.
Photo credit: Olybrius via Wikimedia commons, Creative commons license type 3.

How do you collect and store that information? How do you share it?

For most artists, the ideal tool is an inventory.

I specialize in creating inventories that work for artists, both as ongoing documentation of their careers, and as essential collections of data for others who wish to help manage that artwork. This includes those who might care for your work after you die, whether friends, family, loved ones, or hired professionals.

Fewer than 20% of artists have an inventory…. more than 90% have no records at all. If you’re like most artists, you probably would prefer to spend time on new work than on cataloging and racking your brain for every single detail.

Maybe you have something well underway, or a special situation. I’m flexible — let’s work on a one-on-one basis. Some of the many options include:

  • Individual sessions to “convert” existing artists’ inventories
  • Create new artists’ inventory systems for Mac and Windows-based computers
  • Systems for non-computer users (yes! They exist and they work fine)

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. If you have a few slides and two price lists in a shoebox, you’re already started. Whether you have 50 pieces or 5,000, it’s not too late to start. I work with artists of all ages and income levels.

You’re the only one who can create your work — and every artist is different. Your commitment is the first step to creating a useful, searchable, visual inventory of your career and what you have on hand. Starting an inventory will give you peace of mind, because it’s a vital link with anyone who needs to know more about your work. It’s an essential tool for business and estate planning. And many artists have found that creating their inventory enhances their careers, reminds them of their strengths, and allows them to better market themselves and their work on hand.

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