My Proust Questionnaire

sepia toned photograph of the author Marcel Proust, accompanying a Proust Questionnaire for artists and others to complete.

Marcel Proust, image via Wikimedia Commons

I have always loved Proust Questionnaires — they are the perfect combination of personal and impersonal, profound and a bit superficial, and the language is so gentle. Reading them (there’s one each month in the back of Vanity Fair) feels like engaging in almost-respectable gossip. Filling one out is like eating an entire meal of delicious petits fours sitting at a cafĂ© with someone you care deeply for. It’s smart fun.

I’d love it it you would take several minutes of your quiet time and fill out my Proust Questionnaire. (It’s not a quickie).

The questionnaire appears at this link and is also embedded below in this blog post. Please note, if you are an artist, I might like to publish your response! At the end of the form, you can sign or deny your consent for this.

By popular demand, I have created short versions of my Proust Questionnaire — I’ve pulled out only the most vital from the original 43 questions.

  • My Shorter Proust Questionnaire for artists (link) has just 23 questions.
  • My Shorter Proust Questionnaire for general audiences (link) is 25 questions.

I hope these new choices are equally fulfilling and provocative for you!

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